Find solace. Build resilience.

What you’ll find here: Curriculum + training for facilitators, coaches, communitarians, teachers; and a membership program for healing yourself and our world.

The heart-mind is our greatest—and often most neglected—form of intelligence. There is no polarization in the heart. It can hold opposing views—shadow and light, fear and higher awareness. This is the non-duality that mystics teach. It’s the Inclusiveness that the entire world is needing right now.

A heart centered life is a reflective life. When we live more reflectively, we operate less reactively.

Every piece of the Heart Centered content is created to help us move into reflection, receptivity, and responsiveness. Whether it’s an exercise our Facilitators offer their clients, a live call with Danielle and the Membership community or the Business Circle, a meditation, or an earnest question… each intimate conversation—within ourselves or with our teams—invites the practice of bringing everything back to the heart-mind. Everything.

This is how we navigate strained relationships, conscious businesses, and our nervous system. This is how we lead ourselves to a New Earth. It’s through unity consciousness and steady Loving Kindness. There are tools for this. Ancient, meditative tools; contemporary conversation starters; and Team Danielle’s supportive ethos.

This is our Heart Centered universe. Please journey with us.


  • Create the conditions for your healing

    Spiritual practices for self + collective healing.

    Vetted tools for dissolving our obstacles to love and compassion—for everyone. We cleanse, we relate, we contemplate, and we get into alignment with our Higher Selves.

  • Curriculum + support for your work in the world

    For coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals, and idealists of all kinds…

    30+ exercises, workshops, and conversation formats to use in the workplace; with your clients, students, and loved ones. Includes training in engaged listening and Facilitation.

    And on-going support from Team D’s leadership to create a healthy business.

  • Current counsel for creating business stability

    Real time guidance from Team D and our Facilitator Community on running a vision-driven business. From marketing insights, to algorithms, and ethical considerations, we keep it very real and support you with our years of learning and in-the-now observations.

  • Self inquiry + relatable sermons for a spiritually focused life

    Up close and personal with Danielle to explore what “true power” is in our personal and very interconnected lives.

    Most classes include multiple inquiry practices, and many have music-backed guided tracks. Beautiful value for cleansing your energy and moving forward.


“I am loving all the little ways Heart Centered is shifting me. I’m more open, less tense, more joyous, more flowing, more compassionate…”

— Jordan

Heart Centered is working! I find myself checking in with myself before I react and just ask, “How can I respond from my heart?”


“Heart Centered is creating an even deeper knowing in me that everything I need is always at my fingertips… It’s an endless flow of goodness, hope and nourishment. I am loving myself more than ever.” 


“Heart Centered has helped me through what I think was a dark night of the soul. It is so supportive and healing. I feel validated and less alone on this crazy journey we’re in.”

— Stacy

“Heart Centered has honestly been like a lighthouse through these uncertain times. Danielle’s voice is soothing and reassuring all at once. She gets it and isn’t afraid to share the good, the bad, the ugly and the illuminating so far in her journey in this life… it inspires me in so many ways.”


“Heart Centered has been life changing. The strides I’ve made this year would’ve been hard to imagine last year.”


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Join the Heart Centered Membership

Spiritual practices for self + collective healing. I’m offering vetted esoteric tools for dissolving the obstructions to love and compassion. We cleanse, we relate, we create the conditions for healing. Come for refuge.

Lead from the Heart

Become a Leader

This is deep work—smartly designed for you to make into your own business offering, compliment what you already have going on, or to bring to your workplace.

Find a Leader

Heart Centered Leaders are offering one-on-one sessions, group programs, virtual workshops, and personal development/team building within workplaces worldwide.

Heart Centered Events​

Be together and go deeper. Meet with trained Heart Centered Leaders who will guide you through a personalized one-on-one session or group workshop experience through Heart Centered Living.

How to hear your Higher Guidance


We’re inculcated to think of “power” as something we have to strive for. Go get it. Build on it. Grind for it.
We’ve had it wrong for a long time. The “power” I’m focused on is True Power. The power to create, to inspire, to heal minds, to build bridges. Transformative power. Not force and dominance. 
Our power move is to become as receptive as possible to Higher Guidance.

Business Circle: 4 Essential Practices for Virtual Team Development + Joy


Hiring, firing. Dreams and teams. And how do you find and recruit Unicorns to join your crew? This is one of our most requested topics!
For solopreneurs or big team managers, join me + Steph Corker LIVE on Thursday, June 8 at 2pm PT. We’re streaming you our top tips and seasoned strategies for innovative talent acquisition and heart centered leadership.
Steph is one of the most sought after HR recruiters in North America and founder of The Corker Collective for Human Capital Consulting, Recruiting, and Leadership Coaching.
Hone your people skills + find your dream team. Take notes. This circle is going to move FAST and cover a lot of ground!

How to be a healer—for yourself and the world


To Heal the World, Heal Yourself
It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, the Holy Instant—a flash of awareness.
It more likely happens over time. Perhaps over lifetimes.
It is redemptive, unifying, glorious. 
HEALING. A return to love. It’s why we’re here. The socially responsible path is to heal ourselves of whatever is raging within us. To become untriggerable. Steady in all storms. World peace starts with self-actualization. I’m going to break it down for you. Because… what we focus on grows.