Victoria Liu

  • Location

    London, United Kingdom
  • Specialties

    Coaching (Business and Executive Leadership), NLP, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Core Desired Feelings

    Abundance, Bliss, Compassion, Excellence, Freedom


I am a Cambridge trained triple board certified Master Executive Coach specialized in helping culturally diverse and high performing professionals in high-stress environments. 

My coaching practice is based on decades of practical experience in professional services delivering global change transformation and leadership development.  I possess a vast understanding of human psychology underpinned by Executive Coaching training from Cambridge University, Neuroscience and psychology training from MIT Sloan and Yale, various thought leaders, including Dr Rick Hanson (Positive Neuroplasticity), Bessel van der Kolk (Applied Trauma Management using Body Movement), Peter Levine (more body work including Somatic Experiencing) and Gabor Mate (Compassionate Inquiry). I also integrate practical tools to support my clients from NLP, EFT, ACT (Steven Hayes and Russ Harris) and various mindfulness techniques including breath work, dropping anchor, positive visualisation and journaling to help clients stay in the moment and be kinder to themselves.  I feel this is exceptional important since the COVID 19 pandemic allowed us to shift the focus from constant demands of “doing” and achieving to slowing down and reprioritising, accepting some of the challenges that are beyond our control, avoid burnout and other mental health related consequences.

My empathy and deep-rooted desire to support others came from my own experience of supporting my mother with severe depression, handling grief and loss in my family, and PTSD.  Overcoming these traumas and learning through therapeutic training, allows me to adapt, integrate and apply them in achieving success for my clients.

I am passionate about helping women with self-love, compassion, and manage their insecurities and anxiety with kindness and authenticity.  I am a firm believer that we all have an innate ability to grow our mindset and doing that on our own can be hard. With the support of an experienced mentor and coach the journey becomes safer and less self-judgmental, making it easier to build your own confidence, evolve your competencies and attain your goals.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do that for many of my clients to support and guide them to find the key to unlock their potentials.