One night stands and other sacred containers not always meant to be breached.

We visualize to manifest. Vision boards, motivational quotes on your desk. Ideas on sticky notes to inspire.

At the root of desire mapping is this notion:

Knowing how you want to feel is the most powerful form of clarity you can have.

And…being reminded of your core desired feelings is part of the practice. Like so:

desire map graphic maker
desire make graphic maker
desire map graphic maker

Use the Desire Map Graphic Maker to design love notes and soul reminders for yourself. Your own desired feelings, thoughts, keepsakes — whenever and where ever you want them: on your mobile, pinned to your corkboard, uploaded as your computer wallpaper, and on your Pinterest boards. Desire Map boards are becoming their own little phenomenon on Pinterest.

Declare your gratitude. Make a note about what needs to change.

desire make graphic maker

PS: If you aren’t already pinning…then start! Personally, I adore Pinterest. Swimming in those visuals feels like I’m watering my dreams. I’m hooked. Pinterest is the perfect place to use these graphics. Create either a general Desire Map board for yourself, or start a board for each of your core desired feelings. Here are my boards: JOY, UNION, SHAKTI, GOLDEN, TRUTH.

Click here and create your first Desire Map graphic. We’d love to see what you come up with. Share on your social media using #desiremap so we can see your feelings in colour!

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