To awakening hearts everywhere

My Friends,

This process began about nine years ago with The Desire Map. Over 300,000 people experienced that methodology. Heart Centered includes that wealth of experience and transcends it. Like all good things, this evolution started in my kitchen where I said to my very bright collaborators: This content needs to work for our everyday lives and in times of crisis. It’s got to speak to one spiritual seeker and to a company team. We’ve accomplished that.

This is not a fast fix for anyone’s pain. And it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s an awakened approach to living and service—that can lead to many forms of prosperity. It requires us to open up to Higher Wisdom and to lead with care.

The intelligence of love is the medicine of these times. This is a light dispensary. Please step forward if you’d like to join us in the healing work… unified.

Some of the people that you do Heart Centered work with will need new thought forms to move them out of fear toward trust (BTW… “How To Create Loving Thoughts” is one of the most impactful exercises in this curriculum.) Some will simply need to be witnessed—please listen deeply. All of them are part of the solution for an aching world. 

With All My Love + Support,

Created from seven years of on-the-ground workshopping in 30+ countries; informed by 30 seasoned Facilitators, 4 Master level Integral Coaches, a few psychologists, and an energy worker; on top of a lifetime of spiritual exploration and stellar entrepreneurship in the personal development space…

We equip you with

Wise and vetted material for supporting heart opening work with individual clients and groups—virtually or in person.

We train you to be

Excellent facilitators + workshop hosts. Master level Integral Coaches have designed these enrichment modules.

We support success

With our entrepreneurial know-how—you’ll be in Team D’s private Business Circle with monthly cheerleading.


  • Find a trained Heart Centered Leader

    We grow in the light of compassion and skilled listening. Loving and bright Heart Centered Leaders are offering one-on-one sessions, programs and workshops all over the world. You can work solo, in a group for a few weeks online, or in a weekend workshop. You can also hire Leaders to do personal development + team building within your workplace.

    Every Heart Centered Leader has unique skills and focus areas. Go find the guide that you resonate with…

    • Become a trained Heart Centered Leader

      This is deep work—smartly designed for you to make into your own business offering, compliment what you already have going on, or to bring to your workplace.

      It’s too late in the cosmic day to help people build plans that are self centered. The world needs heart centered humans in boardrooms, classes, homes, and every community. As a Heart Centered Leader you can conduct conversations that help people live more reflective lives.

      Get trained and meet the Leader community…


      The support I’ve received from the Heart Centered community throughout my involvement has been second to none. The level of training and support has been so valuable as I begin to share the work with my community. I’ve made connections with women across the world who I know I can turn to for advice and wise counsel. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime. Knowing I can draw on a huge wealth of expertise both in facilitating, business knowledge, and spiritual wisdom is huge and makes me feel so confident as I step out into this new endeavour. I am so grateful to be part of something so beautiful.

      – Melanie Clark Pullen, Heart Centered Facilitator
      Northern Ireland, UK

      As an experienced facilitator of psychological wellbeing workshops, I was very interested in the Heart Centred curriculum for my own self-care and ongoing mindfulness practice. What I was delighted to also discover as a Heart Centred Facilitator was a beautiful community of practice with ‘like-hearted’ individuals in diverse areas of practice who couldn’t wait to reach out and support each other with so much generosity and warmth. Now I have a fantastic group of facilitators—along with the wonderful Team D—to help brainstorm which aspects of this work I want to bring to my professional life and effective ways of doing this with integrity.

      – Claire Nabke, Psychologist
      Sydney, Australia

      Finding the Heart Centered curriculum was akin to finding the missing piece in my coaching practice. My soul always knew that there was a calling for clients to be in connection with their authentic self. Allowing them to truly be thriving in their heart centered business and in life. The [people] that I coach on a daily basis face many challenges and their emotional resiliency skills are integral to their success in their businesses, and personal lives. The self doubt, curves that life can give them, and the daily demands, both personal and professional, are navigated with more ease if an individual has a heart centered practice. 

      – Jacquie Costron, Business + Life Strategist
      Kingston, Canada

      Becoming a Heart Centered Facilitator is one of the best ways that I have ensured that I walk my talk. My self care practices and truly embodying the virtues is what allows me to share it with others in an authentic and natural way. When we teach what we are working on spiritually, it raises the vibration of those around us but also continues to solidify the self care and practices for ourselves. We receive by giving and being in service and end up creating a beautiful heart centered supportive community.

      – Sara Martin Madkour, Heart Centered Facilitator
      Saratoga Springs, USA

      I knew I needed guidance and training to fulfill my heart’s calling. I prayed. I gave up all expectations of when or what that was. I just kept coming back to faith in the flow. I will never forget the day I watched Danielle LaPorte speak about the Heart Centred Facilitator Program. I knew with all of my being that this was what I had been waiting for. Becoming a facilitator is helping me cure my deepest insecurity and make my wildest dreams possible. My knowingness has never been so strong.

      – Marah Hoegl, Heart Centered Facilitator 
      Lloydminster, Canada

    Heart Centered Leadership Program

    30+ exercises, workshop outlines + business support.

    Connect. Listen. Inspire. Prosper.

    This content and support system is designed and timed for:

    Facilitators, instructors, wellness entrepreneurs, counsellors and spiritual caregivers who want to help people navigate with wisdom in these shifting times.

    Content is customizable or plug n’ play. You can use the exercises with one-on-one clients, blended with your own work. Or follow a workshop outline for days of team building.

    The guiding premise of all of the practices and training: A heart centered life is a reflective life.

    When we live more reflectively, we behave less reactively and we’re receptive and responsive to higher wisdom.

    Experience what this work is all about.

    This 75-minute class with Danielle will walk you through one of the staple exercises in this curriculum:
    The Love Letters exercise. Use yourself, or with clients to stay grounded while resolving complex experiences.