| October 27, 2023

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Sweet fellow human simultaneously feeling WTF and profound Gratitude to be alive in these dark and Light times… Hello, Love.

This WEEKEND is an homage to tranquility. Because… a lot going on in the world and calm is required to retain what’s sane.

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Friday Love


Just 1 thing before bed:
Turn off the wifi before you go to sleep. If you’re not the last one to go to bed, leave sticky notes all over so the last one to crash turns off the box. This requires training. When I wake up, I can sense the difference in myself on the nights I remembered or forgot to turn the wifi off. No wifi = less fuzzy. 

Just 1 thing when you wake up:
For the first hour after you wake up… don’t touch your phone. (Does the very thought make your palms sweaty? I know, babe.) Breathe and get out of bed, go do your morning brushing and sloughing. Say your prayers. THEN you can scroll your face off if you want. 

I can verify: the mornings that I reach for my phone first thing, I am on my phone way more throughout the day. It’s like Instagram whispering at me, “I had you at sunrise, crazy lady.” But when I love myself enough to start my day more me-fully, then I’m way less phone-strapped all day. All this is science-backed, BTW—blue screens and circadian rhythms are a nasty combo. But you don’t need hottie Huberman to tell you that. Your heart knows.

Possible extra errand this weekend:
If you’re using your phone as an alarm clock, how about you go get yourself an actual alarm clock? $30 to $50 bucks (secondhand stores are full of them) to heal your brain waves. I did. Old school FTW.

This is a good time to talk about the astral body! Specifically the effects of the “news” on the psyche. I’m riffing here for a one whole minute (we’d all have better attention spans if we didn’t check our phones the minute we wake up…)

Saturday Do
Saturdays are ruled by Saturn, the planet that teaches us lessons through what is ‘perceived’ as painful, rigid, karmic. You might want to hold off on launching projects or new ideas on Saturdays. Saturdays are actually the last day of the week (not Sunday). Close out with Saturday on a note of Forgiveness to yourself and others.


I am so honoured to share this playlist with you!!! The backstory is beautiful…

Chris Sholar slid into my DMs to say that my writing had an effect. His words were so lovely and… (I can be this shallow-deep sometimes:) his grammar AND spacing were on point, so of course I had to check him out.

Jump cut to: we met for tea at the Whitney Cafe in NYC a few weeks later. He mentored my son on music industry in’s and out’s (“Get comfortable with rejection, believe in your tracks.”)

And! Chris and I are like, vibrating-GIDDY about making some mindful music together. It’s immediate love. #hearditherefirst

Please note: Mr. Chris Sholar is a Grammy-winning producer, composer and soundscape artist. He’s worked with Stevie Wonder, Snoop, Ye and the B’ye, Frank Ocean… Now he’s fusing beats with affirmations to create “Frequency Journeys”. I KNOW.

Chris and I have started making playlists for one another. I asked him if I could share this mix on SACRED WEEKENDS. He said of course! I’ve had this on repeat for weeks. I think you will too.


Listening to Chris guide my musical man-cub. Melted mama heart.

Got through NYC monsoon to meet with destiny (not that I believe in destiny.) 

Scholar solar.


I promised you another Tilda Switon movie reco. I’m choosing one of the most fantastical and thus peaceful on the nervous system: Three Thousand Years of Longing. Also… Idris Alba as an ancient genie-man who knows love… yes, friends. Yes. Both my son and I were like, “Best fantasy flick in longest time!” Loved it.

Trailer is HERE.

Watch Three Thousand Years of Longing:
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Sunday Devotion

What’s going on in war-torn areas of the planet is profoundly disturbing. As it should be. Images of children being harmed are particularly difficult to ingest and process on a subconscious level. Our healed selves have the resources to endure this, but our unhealed fragments, aka, our own Inner Child self, can become agitated and anxious. Then we have heightened fear and disturbed sleep and these times become harder to handle.

Some of the most healing and self-regulating work we can do in such dark times is to tend to our own Inner Child. 

So this WEEKEND, I’m featuring The Love and Radiance Mediation as a potential practice for you. Gentleness, patience, all through nature imagery and connecting with your little self. This happens to be the most downloaded visualization that we’ve released, I hear a lot about the emotions it helps to balance. You can work with it for ten minutes or longer, just once or daily. 

Please remember: the “Inner Child” is a symbol of our unhealed self. It’s not “you” when you were a ten year old in this lifetime. We’re working with the subconscious here, not a timeline. YOU are the capable, infinitely loving, HEALER-PARENT of your Inner Child. xo


Week Flow

“Spiritual practice is returning again and again to softness.”
– Stephanie Dowrick, Seeking the Sacred

  • Full Moon + Partial Lunar Eclipse: Saturday, October 28, 2023, 1:23 pm PT/4:23 pm ET. Check out our releasing ritual HERE. I’ve been doing this myself for years.
  • Halloween/Samhain: Tuesday, October 31. I’m not a big fan of Halloween (it’s the gore and violence with kids that gets me.) That said, once upon a time, I made my boy a Minotaur costume and thought I should win the Nobel Prize. Store-bought or home-made? Home-made, baby!
  • All Souls Day: Thursday, November 2, 2023. A day of remembrance for our faithfully departed. Here’s one of my favourite prayers.
  • New ways of working, new ways of creating, I have so much to share with you—lots of experience and insight these last few months. I’m passing on my playbook in my Business Unfurled Masterclass: Wednesday, November 9, 2023, 3pm PT / 6pm ET. This will be my most intense entrepreneurial download in years. So. Much. To. Tell. You.

Peaceful Weekend, my Loves. Please be gentle with yourselves.

b, halfmoon

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