| November 10, 2023

Hello Sacred Humans,

This WEEKEND we’re going to breathe (and shop responsibly if you’re called to). Did you know I have a tattoo on my left ankle that says “Breathe Love”? As tats go, it’s pretty bad. And with wear n’ tear it now sorta reads as, “brev wuv.” But the sentiment rules eternal. Little did I know 30 years ago at that tattoo shop in Albuquerque with a bearded guy named Billy, that this ink would be prophetic for me. And humanity.

Friday Love


Lungs. My lungs have been my greatest teacher because they’ve been one of my most fantastic struggles. All the respiratory things… had ’em. Every tincture… took it.

I can be sensitive to mold, perfume, air fresheners, paraffin candles, rug cleaners, fabric softeners, and that cherry bomb stuff they spray in ladies’ rooms. And weather shifts. (Lungs are associated with the metal element in Chinese medicine. They need extra attention during the change of seasons.)

Out of all the ways that I’ve learned to support my bronchial pathways, it’s not the thyme essential oil or my Air Doctor that matters most, it’s how I meet my grief.

Lungs process grief for us. And the world is grieving.


Ginger, honey, scallions, garlic, red dates, pears.

The garlic trick:

  1. chop up a big clove of garlic
  2. let it sit in the open air for 15 minutes (a good bacteria starts to form on the garlic)
  3. swallow with a gulp of water (no chewing)
  4. chase it with a teaspoon of Manuka honey

JOURNAL and let all of your worries breathe and dissipate.

Before New Moons and on Full Moons I do a write n’ burn practice. Write out all the niggly dark dank painful worry fears and burdens and burn them. You have to follow this up with a salt bath/shower to get the residual energy out of your field.

Turn to Mother Earth to offer up your sadness and fears.

I focus on giving my fears to the sun, the ocean, or I’ll just call on the Divine Mother.

I always start by pouring out my Gratitude for just being alive and helping me to heal.

Then I give ‘er: “I offer up my fears, my past and present fears. Future fears that I’d have if I didn’t offer up these fears.” (I like to cover all bases.) I name some fears. I breathe with intention, sometimes I gesture with my hands, I concentrate. “I offer up fears I’m unaware of.”

Then I close with profuse Gratitude, “Thank you for transmuting my fears, returning them to Source so that I can be a better conduit of Love.” This is AWESOME to do in the ocean, BTW.

Bless and release, bless and release. You don’t need to carry it all near your heart.

Declutter. “I need room to breathe.” I’m always cycling things out of my live-work space. Material things are energy, energy needs to circulate.

I cry without judgment. In safe spaces. I know that I’m releasing suppressed grief from my body. I feel that I am often crying for those who are too bound to survival mode to let their tears flow. Crying can be a form of service to the collective.

Saturday Do


You know polyester is actually plastic, right? And plastic is an endocrine disruptor. And a disrupted endocrine system can lead to whacked out hormones. So how about we get back to cotton and linen grown without pesticides? 

I found a beautiful linen piece for you (not sponsored, just local love.) 

This black linen dress from Maiwa is a generous with fabric and a great cut. These fit very large, so you might want to go a size down. I wear it with a double belt and cowboy booties. 

I also just picked up this cami dress in natural linen. I had a seamstress taper the ends because I’m not so much into A lines. 

Linen gets better and better every time you wear it. 

Good protein. As part of the healing protocols our Naturopaths are helping us with, my man, my son and I each do 2 scoops of these Amino Acids every morning––starting the day with a protein!

You can order thru BODY HEALTH and we got you a code for 20% off!
CODE: Danielle20


I know candles. I can tell you all about wax and wicks and what’s best for your… lungs. (I used to have a candle line, then I decided to focus on writing. ) 

This Canadian brand, HONEY CANDLES, are my very favourite. Hand made, they burn clean and long. Again, not a sponsor just…. found the best!

Sunday Devotion

We’re here to unlearn, un-become, dis-believe, and de-program from any dictum that says we’re less than divine. Liberated living doesn’t require a permission slip from a guru or elder. It’s between you and the God of your understanding—and however you want to live, God’s going to understand.”
– How To Be Loving

Want to go for a walk with me this weekend? A really long walk? The How To Be Loving audiobook is a 10 hour and 17 minute Compassion throwdown. And it’s pay what you choose. Sunday walks and morning rituals are for such sacred things.

“Danielle lights the way in reconnecting people to their true voice and authentic self. Her words hold the power to validate, heal, and free the hearts and souls of humankind.”
– Anthony William, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Medical Medium series

Week Flow

Mondays are ruled by the Moon, lunar force, shadow energies abound, can be highly emotional for some. As a team, we lay low on Mondays. I never launch anything on Mondays, I tend to stay more quiet on social media––extra mindful to not get scrappy in DMs, and as a team we just get cozy and plan our week.

Consider a softer launch or back seat ride on Mondays and let me know how it goes. 


  • Tuesday, November 14, 3pm PT| 6pm ET.  FROM FRICTION TO FREEDOM CLASS (free!) Heal your relationships by healing your nervous system. Works every time. 
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  • Monday, November 13, 1:27 pm PT| 4:27 pm ET, Dark of the Moon: Write + Burn.
  • December 16th, 2023, SAVE THE DATE!  I’m speaking with Mark Groves in Vancouver! My last gig of the year. CHECK IT OUT HERE 

Inhale Love, Exhale Love,


These are powerful machines. Blow out a candle and it kicks into overdrive. Aside from processing my emotions on the regular…running my Air Doctor is one of the best things I do for my lungs and living space.


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