ISSUE 17   |  Friday, June 7, 2024

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  • The Lead Up: my team-family meets my first-family
  • Friday: a “super chill, come as you are, don’t feel weird about it” yoga night in Gastown
  • Saturday: my birthday! close down the nail salon, girl talk ‘round the clock
  • Sunday: vows, cake(s), dancing! 👰💖🤵

Who doesn’t love a good WEDDING ALBUM?! This is about as “lifestylish and devotional” as I can get. I got married last Sunday! A very… SACRED WEEKEND!

I’ll podcast soon (please subscribe) about the mega-life-psyche-neurosis-relationships learning that came from our wedding experience. 🤭 For now, the visuals, some music, and heaps of link love for you!

Deep gratitude to Anastasia Chomlack, friend + photographer. She captured the love, like she always does. If you’re needing branding shots, Anastasia is the most generous, beauty-making creator. I cannot recommend working with her more highly. I’ve sent so many people her way and they all fall in love. She travels, or come to the Vancouver area. Find her on IG: @anastasiachomlack


A Danielle + Will Love Story Playlist. Sweet Symphony opened our ceremony. We did a flower blessing to Beautiful Chorus, and we danced out to Come And Get Your Love. I’ve sprinkled in other songs we courted each other with (mixed tapes are my seduction language.)


My handwriting, cheap n’ cheerful postcard. Printed 100 copies via VistaPrint. The quote is from a poem that Will wrote to me. No QR codes (barf). No RSVP cards. We just asked everybody to text us their response or leave a message on our wedding website. Simple—which is turning into our life theme.



❤️ Thursday, May 23, 2024 was a very auspicious Full Moon, the most favourable of the year. So we chose that day to get our official Marriage License. It was a Vegas-meets-Harry Potter-panda zoo-temple experience, at the Jack Chow Insurance Agency, held in the Guiness Book of World Records “narrowest building” (built 1913) in Vancouver’s Chinatown. 

We belly laughed, made new friends, scored the legal docs, got a complimentary panda bear stuffy, then walked to one of my favourite eastside cafes, Nelson The Seagull for avo on sourdough.


The wedding made for an excellent Team D Retreat combo! But we barely talked business, just a million questions and hugs. Our Philippines contingent made a 4-day journey and we met them for the first time after working together for 13 YEARS! Happy tears. And we had Nicaragua, the State of Maine and Arizona in the house. Having my friends + family + our team in one place was blissy.

Team treats: Smile Thai Massage on Robson Street

Team-Fam dinner: Granville Island, The Sand Bar (because my man loves oysters)

Blissy brunch: The Stanley Park Teahouse

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Friday Love

We invited all of the wedding guests to a “super chill, come as you are, don’t feel weird about it” yoga night. We were amazed that so many of our non-yogi friends showed up. Like, my DAD came (spot him on the king size lounger in the back corner.)

Location: Conscious Lab, in Gastown, Vancouver. One of the oldest buildings in Vancouver—and, BTW available to rent for high-vibe groups—business meets, speaking gigs, small weddings… Beautiful kitchen, reclaimed brick, arched windows, the most loving hosts.

We had Chai and Cacoa, lemon haystacks and a fruit board from Beyond Nourished. After a lot of hugs, my dear friend, Ashley Turner led a flow and a beautiful blessing over Will + me: Each friend said their name and a one-word wish for us. Melts.

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Saturday Do

SATURDAY happened to be my birthday! All the ladies went to a nail salon I’ve been going to for years, good ol’ Spirit Nails, on Robson Street in the West End. The neon ceiling lights are dusty but the nail ladies are the best. 

We locked the doors, brought in sushi and chocolate chip cookies. The volume of chick chatter was HIGH. Eco note: I gave up painting my nails a few years ago. Eco waste. Toxins. But for the wedding weekend, I indulged.

Sunday Devotion

We hired Sweetheart Events to help with the planning and direct the day-of. Best move ever.

Why didn’t we get married on Saturday? Because Sunday’s are better, energetically-astrologically. The ceremony was officiated by our beloved friend, Rev. Thomas DeSchutter—Unity Minister, brill financial advisor, and motorcycle buds with Will.

Let’s do it! Will, his son Liam; my son, Harper, and Rev. Thomas entered the ceremony room to take their place at the altar. I was hiding in the stairwell. Cue Chris Stapelton + Joy Oladokun with Sweet Symphony on the speakers and I enter. Will and I see each other for the first time and he comes to get me at the doorway. We break tradition, natch, and kiss right away. To the altar!

Every guest pulled a flower from the basket. Rev. Thomas guided them through a short ritual, “pour your blessings for Danielle + Will into your flower and drop it into the basket.” We placed the blessed flowers on the altar, lit our family candles, and declared our vows!

Real and mock-mojitos before dinner. The hottest EmCee babe ever—Chela Davison pulled improv’d speeches out of people, and we did an interactive activity UN-trainer style thanks to Lee-Anne Ragan. Mostly laughter with a side or bawling our eyes out. Will and I didn’t know what the dinner content plan was—we left it all up to Chela and Lee-Anne to surprise us. 🤗

We brought in a digital photo booth and it was a HIT! Best money spent. So many laughs and take home keepsakes—printed photostrips AND images texted to people on the spot. So fun!

🎂Instead of a wedding cake, we marched out surprise birthday cakes for 7 of us who had May bdays! ALL gluten-free deluxe DELICIOUS cakes from Lemonade Bakery, with an ice cream cart service from Rain or Shine. Danced all night. 

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Stayed: Cox Bay Resort: Tofino, BC. 

Baked: Tuff City Saunas

Snacked: Picnic Charcuterie

Dined: Pluvio (Canada’s ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant’ for 2022)

Ate: Tacofino Truck

Week Flow

Get with the planets + astro flow

     🌑 New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 6

     🌕 Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday, June 21

     ☀️ Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21

The Write + Burn practice for the full moon is HERE FOR YOU.




In Love, In Community…

And thank you for all the celebration and congratulations flowing in these last few weeks!

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📸 Anastasia Chomlack, photographer. A session with her will set you UP. She travels, or come to Vancouver. @anastasiachomlack 

🥰 Danielle + Will Love Story Playlist.

🖇️ They print everything: VistaPrint

🐼 Jack Chow Insurance Agency—great Vancouver tourist spot AND you can get hitched!

🥑 Nelson The Seagull fave cafe-workspot in Gastown

🙌 Smile Thai Massage on Robson Street

🦞 Granville Island, The Sand Bar 

🥕 The Stanley Park Teahouse

🧘 Conscious Lab, in Gastown, Vancouver available to rent for high-vibe groups

🧑‍🍳 Beyond Nourished beautiful meal delivery + catering in Vancouver. The founder, Rachelle also has an excellent Holistic Chef Certification program!

💃 Ashley Turner, a depth psychotherapist is offering the Metamorphosis Midlife & Menopause Mentorship

💅 Spirit Nails, on Robson Street in the West End

👩‍❤️‍👨 Sweetheart Events is best best best

🕊️ Rev. Thomas DeSchutter, Unity Minister, spiritual coach + director

🏨 The Loft in Yaletown 

😍 Chela Davison, master coach and creatix 

🎉 Lee-Anne Ragan, master facilitator and corporate trainer

😀 Digital photo booth!

🎂 gluten-free Lemonade Bakery

🍦 Rain or Shine organic ice cream

💙 Ally Global Foundation to help support survivors of human trafficking

💜 The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre