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What’s your Leadership score?Discover these 11 techniques for becoming a more powerful leader with your clients, in the workplace, for your community.

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Test drive the curriculum.This interactive behind-the-scenes peek will support you to discover how The Heart Centered Leadership Program can deepen your skills and expand your business.

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Experience what this work is all about.This 75-minute class with Danielle will walk you through one of the staple exercises in this curriculum:The Love Letters exercise.  Use yourself, or with clients to stay grounded while resolving complex experiences.

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Book a free 45-minute call with a Heart Centered Leadership Admissions Representative. These seasoned members of the community can answer all of your questions about the program and how to use this content in the world.


Connect for support in-person, virtually, privately or in communityRegular Heart to Heart zooms with Danielle, or  workshops and guided work with a Heart centered Facilitator—anywhere in the world. Find an event or a program for yourself or to bring to your work...


Find a trained Heart Centered LeaderWe grow in the light of compassion and skilled listening. Loving and bright Heart Centered Leaders are offering one-on-one sessions, programs, and workshops all over the world. You can work solo, in a group for a few weeks online,...


Become a trained Heart Centered LeaderThis is deep work—smartly designed for you to make into your own business offering, compliment what you already have going on, or to bring to your workplace. It’s too late in the cosmic day to help people build plans that are self...


Self inquiry + relatable sermons for a spiritually focused lifeUp close and personal with Danielle to explore what “true power” is in our personal and very interconnected lives. Most classes include multiple inquiry practices, and many have music-backed guided tracks....

Business Circle

Current counsel for creating business stabilityReal time guidance from Team D and our Facilitator Community on running a vision-driven business. From marketing insights, to algorithms, and ethical considerations, we keep it very real and support you with our years of...


Curriculum + support for your work in the worldFor coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals, and idealists of all kinds… 30+ exercises, workshops, and conversation formats to use in the workplace; with your clients, students, and loved...


Create the conditions for your healingSpiritual practices for self + collective healing. Vetted tools for dissolving our obstacles to love and compassion—for everyone. We cleanse, we relate, we contemplate, and we get into alignment with our Higher Selves.