Appreciation + praise from our
Heart Centered Leadership Program community

Jacquie Costron

“Finding the Heart Centered curriculum was akin to finding the missing piece in my coaching practice.”

– Jacquie Costron, Business + Life Strategist
Kingston, Canada

Jacquie Costron

“Since the beginning of the Heart Centered Facilitator Training, I’ve felt the crusty beliefs eroding and noticed lovingly what comes up (fear, anger, despair, grief, confusion) when we chip away at what feels like a solid foundation. But how glorious it is when we land softly in the strong, flexible, infinite space of LOVE.” 

– Bree Luck, Transformational Coach
Charlottesville, VA

Jacquie Costron

“Thanks for giving us such clear tools that have profound effects on us as humans and as mums. I look forward to sharing these with my clients.” 

Dr. Farah Alelwani, Dentist + Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Julie Parker

I have been facilitating for more than two decades now but it is always a great thing to revise and review where you may be at – especially with new content. Appreciating the continuing self-reflection.”

Julie Parker, Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Melbourne, Australia

Adrianna Pienaar

I was hesitant to invest in a $2,000 course, but it’s been so worth it! I’ve received so much insight into what it means to live a heart centered life. Now, I have the tools to facilitate the work so that others in my business and life can benefit from it too. I’m softer, gentler, more forgiving and more giving. Mostly with myself. The ripple effect of letting go on heavy energy has opened up doors for me to come back home to myself. I feel like I’m more of myself now that I’ve ever been. I love living a Heart centered life. Sometimes it’s challenging but inevitably it pays off in spades.”

Adrianna Pienaar, Holistic Health + Wellness Coach 
Sydney, Australia

AnnMarie McKenzie

“Becoming a Heart-Centered Facilitator has taught me how to energetically align with my heart. In doing so I have connected with soul mate clients from around the world. Hit 5 figure months. Found cosmic love. Built a community of intuitive and impact driven entrepreneurs. Created my own course on the foundation of heart centered principles. My life and business have more meaning now. I’m living intentionally and fully alive and aligned with my purpose. I experience real pleasure and joy now and I am more free and abundant than I have ever been! The business circles for facilitators have been one of my favorite aspects about being a part of the community so far. I truly appreciate Danielle and Team D sharing their insights and wisdom on building heart centered businesses. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to expand their existing business OR step into the world of entrepreneurship in a meaningful way. This work is transformative. For yourself and everyone that you work with. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

AnnMarie McKenzie, Soulful Business Strategist
Vancouver, Canada

AnnMarie McKenzie

“Becoming a Heart Centered Facilitator is one of the best ways that I have ensured that I walk my talk. My self care practices and truly embodying the virtues is what allows me to share it with others in an authentic and natural way.”

– Sara Martin Madkour, Heart Centered Facilitator 
Saratoga Springs, USA

Claire Nabke

“As an experienced facilitator of psychological wellbeing workshops, I was very interested in the Heart Centered curriculum for my own self-care and ongoing mindfulness practice. What I was delighted to also discover as a Heart Centered Facilitator was a beautiful community of practice with ‘like-hearted’ individuals in diverse areas of practice who couldn’t wait to reach out and support each other with so much generosity and warmth.”

– Claire Nabke, Psychologist
Sydney, Australia


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