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We speak about removing obstacles to Love––in ourselves, in business, in these wild times. To do that, we need to live more reflective lives. That requires some stillness, much deeper thinking, and a multidimensional view of what’s going on in our psyches and cultures. There are tools to point us in the right direction. We curate some of those spiritual practices and cheer us on to band together with the intelligence of Love. Group determination for the win…

Meet Danielle

Danielle LaPorte is the creator of the Heart Centered Membership and the Heart Centered Leadership Program with 400+ leaders in 30 countries hosting conversation circles, retreats, and workshops in all kinds of communities and businesses.

She’s a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 and the former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenario plans. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart. 

This most recent book, How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up, is also an Audiobook + ebook, with a companion Journal. Danielle is also the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, White Hot Truth, and The Desire Map, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support.

Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, often ranks in iTunes’ top 10 for wellness. Most of her offerings—from the Heart Centered Membership to classes—are on a pay what you choose basis. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by Forbes, millions of people a month visit

Her charities of choice are Ally Global, helping survivors of human trafficking to rebuild their lives (@allyglobal), Trees Sisters’ reforestation projects (@treesisters_official), and VDay, a movement to end violence against women and girls (@vdayorg). 

She lives in Vancouver, BC. You can find her on most places on social media @daniellelaporte.

danielle laporte

Meet Team D

Our hearts overflow, and we are grateful to be here. We are virtual, from five cities and three countries. So different, but all on the same page. The majority of the team has been together for about 5 years. There is another circle of freelancers and part time collaborators that we dance with, as well as our esteemed Heart Centered Leaders.

Dee Bailey

COO + Marketing Director

London, ON, Canada

Sarah Miller


Corona, CA, USA

Katie Gyorffy

Graphic Designer

Toronto, ON, Canada

Jennie Sasman

Graphic Designer

Squamish, BC, Canada

Jenn Orajay

Operations Director

Butuan City, Philippines

Jayson Orajay

Customer Support Advocate

Butuan City, Philippines

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To the land…

With respect to the land and those who have come before us, each member of Team D acknowledges that we work on the lands of: the Coast Salish People in British Columbia. The Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations in British Columbia. The Anishinabewaki People in Ontario. The Coast Salish, Suquamish, and Duwamish People in Washington. Tongva, Payómkawichum (Luiseño), and Kizh People in California. And the Rajahnate of Butuan in the Philippines.

To note: In most cases, we reside on unceded land, meaning that it was never given, sold, or agreed upon to be shared—the land is unsurrendered. What’s the significance of acknowledging “unceded territory”? Here’s a powerful answer from Verna McGregor, a Canadian Algonquin elder:

“It’s acknowledging that we’re still here, the acknowledgement is important—that we’re worthy of being on our own lands… there is a greater issue than what is going on today. It helps remind people that we are going back centuries in terms of what we’ve done to the Indigenous people—from the reserve system, the residential schools, to today with Indigenous children still being removed from their families at a greater rate than the rest of the population… The acknowledgment puts what’s happening today into a greater perspective to understand historical wrongs and how that’s manifested today. Part of reconciliation is truth and honesty.”

If you would like to find out which territory you are living or working on, go to Native Land.

Are you a magical creature who wants to become a part of Team D?



#TeamD,, is ready for an Integrator to take our offerings deeper, higher, further.

The Integrator is one part nourishing project manager, and one part Air Traffic Controller of all verticals of Danielle LaPorte Inc. This is a very meaningful leadership role within a dynamic and caring team, and an established brand committed to consciousness and growth.

You’ll work with team members such as: the paid traffic team, funnel manager, customer support specialist, copywriter, designers, Director of Marketing, and the founder, Danielle. The Integrator will be responsible for production, operations and getting status updates to move projects forward.

  • You are one of the most organized people you know.
  • You love managing people to bring out the best in them to accomplish shared goals.
  • Strategic thinking and creative problem solving are your thrill.
  • You actually love learning new platforms and programs.
  • You like being backstage, knowing that the show works on because you’ve got it covered.
  • You might have a lot of planets in Virgo.

This is a full-time, remote, contract position that reports directly to Danielle, while working very closely with the Content + Marketing Director, Dee Bailey. We have worked together for nearly 7 years and are committed to healthy lives during major expansion of the business. Some launches and projects might require weekends and evenings and responding to support tickets and team members outside of work hours. And… we try to honor our flexi-Fridays and generous holidays––a great Integrator will help us foster a nourishing, productive work culture.

We don’t need you to be an Internet marketing expert. But we do need you to have a solid understanding of how online marketing works. You should be highly technical and analytical with proactive problem solving skills. Ideally, you’re well versed in WordPress, Kajabi, Asana and Shopify. You will always figure out a way to get it done. Possibility thinking is second nature to you. 

Position Details

  • Oversee the day to day operation of the business. Strong project management skills.
  • Manage the production of all physical and digital offerings. (Launching is our love language!)
  • Manage and execute the operations side of ongoing offerings: ie. our Membership and Leadership programs.
  • Resolves issues effectively—seeing real problems, being comfortable with tensions, finding solutions in a healthy, straightforward way. Joyfully, even. We’re a creative team. We pivot. You can switch gears quickly.
  • Implement, document & maintain effective internal SOP’s, processes and procedures.
  • Healthy perfectionism. Tests everything, serving as the final check before something goes live. 
  • System maintenance + dev: WordPress, kajabi, klayvio, shopify, apps, plugins, etc. Basically whatever it takes to keep the website in uptime and functional. Implementation of system improvements, new builds, etc. to support business direction.
  • Always tracking the creative pulse of Danielle and marketing strategies of Dee, to honor the vision and keep the team moving together in the same direction. 
  • Keeps the team’s work on brand and on time. Facilitates interdepartmental communications and external communications. 
  • Serve as liaison between Danielle and the general public in certain circumstances. Coordinate with Danielle on logistics including interview bookings, events and sponsorship requests.
  • Honour our confidentiality and heart centered business principles.
  • Weekly, monthly, annual reporting and analysis for the team.
  • Accessible 4 days/week between 9am-5pm PST for team interaction, available if needed on Fridays. 

This position is NOT for:

  • Those looking for a “side job” while growing their own business or juggling clients.
  • Anyone averse to a spiritually-centric approach to life and business.
  • Those who prefer to be front-facing in business.

This is such an important role for our company. We’re looking for a heart centered leader who will run with us long term and help us be of service in joyful, prosperous ways. We’re a small, close knit and talented team and our growth intentions are global and meaningful. We’re excited to find the right soul who can take our systems to the next level!

Send your wowness, your thoughts, and salary expectations to
Please add to your subject line: #Integrator

If we’re interested, we’ll be in touch within 2 weeks of hearing from you. We’ll give you some personality tests, and an assignment. Thank you one and all! #TeamD

Connect with Danielle

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