4 Teachings for Courageous Intimacy––
with Yourself and Pretty Much Everyone


Occasional sermons on resilience, love and discernment. I talk about using suffering to get to joy, and waking up to our Divinity—and then how we pour that light on the world.

Esoterica meets the daily doings. Compassionate and very straight up. These conversations are intended to help us feel less alone, full of possibility, and very clearly part of the solution.


Our Heart Centered Membership is a practical support system that goes deep but keeps it simple.


Tools for mining the light within: visualizations, guided reflections, meditations, journalling, prayers, poetry––and the occasional sermon on generosity.


Come in to see the beautiful systems we’ve built to help support your leadership in times that call for Compassion + Resilience.


Read a lot of books. And at this point, you’re probably thinking, Can we all just give Love where Love is due? Like, let it be the game changer that we know it is?

I’m with you. I teach about the life-changing power of Self Compassion, reframing our fear, and being receptive to Higher Guidance.

My book is HOW TO BE LOVING… when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up.

Might be what we all need right about now. Welcome.


For those of us who believe in the intelligence of Love, and those who are open to considering it. For those of us in pain—from the deeply personal, to planetary upheaval. For those of us interested in evolving a beautiful future. For those of us just getting through the day.

For so many of us.

May we remove all obstructions to Love. May we know the Joy that results from remembering who we actually are—Divinity incarnate.

May we bless this mess with our generous service.

I’m interested in everyday alchemy. When doubt grips, reaching for Faith. When it’s easy to plug our pain with filler relationships and stuff, choosing Stillness. Where there’s blame and superiority complexes, opting for Love.

I’m interested in the Love that clarifies, includes, and redeems. The Love that, as A Course In Miracles puts it, “wants to join out of mutual abundance.”

I think it’s too late in the day for business to be anything other than a vehicle for social and environmental healing. I think the opposite of spiritualism isn’t necessarily materialism—it’s greed. I think loneliness is an epidemic. I believe that wellness is our natural state of being.

I’m a lazy vegan, an opinionated introvert, a pure sensualist (and I’m working on letting go of all of these labels and programs). I’ve had to fight for my Joy.

These days, I fight less and flow more. I’m a terrible manager, but a good leader. Music is my nectar. The spirituality that works for me is more rock n’ roll than religious. I support Functional Medicine and the power of prayer. I’m not interested in life hacks, I’m interested in more LIFE.

My professional bookends: I never went to university, but I directed a future-studies think tank in Washington, D.C. We consulted the Pentagon on the dynamics of social change. That was a trip. I ran my own communications agency before I got rejected from art school. Jump cut to now: my team and I support about 400+ Heart Centered Leaders in 20+ countries.

Anything useful I have to say stems from healing my own woundedness, and grappling with a desire to serve. I believe we’re going deeper into an intense period of change on Earth. Age of Aquarius stuff: structures tumbling and unity consciousness saving the day. We’re going from “me” to “we” for all the right reasons.

I’m here to be a refuge and a light source wherever I can. And I think you would say the same thing about yourself. So let’s stick together and go find the others.