I speak about my own spiritual seeking—which includes mishaps with shamans and business partners, perspectives polarized culture, relationship dynamics, a lot of esoterica, and an abiding aspiration to live a heart centered, compassion-generating life—during personal and world-wide upheaval. I’m very interested in shadow work, unity consciousness and depending on the week, how we just get through the day, or how we bring our most joyful, selfless service to the planet. Real life—deep and true.

A (mostly) One Woman Show About Self-Realization

from Danielle LaPorte

A member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of the Heart Centered Leadership Program and author of THE DESIRE MAP and the highly anticipated HOW TO BE LOVING.

How do we create conditions of healing? How do we choose higher quality thoughts to uplevel our lives? Danielle keeps it practical while riffing on the divine. Deep wisdom, delivered girlfriend style, her authenticity will have you feeling less overwhelmed, closer to your soul, and clearly part of the solution.

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