Less hustle, more heart.
Less grind, more sustainable growth.

The HEART CENTERED MASTERMIND supports leaders, wayshow’rs, and entrepreneurs to prosper with purpose.

+ Monthly LIVE MEETING with Danielle + Guest Teachers

+ Monthly LIVE Q&A with Team D

+ An Interactive Community of Conscious Leaders

+ Multimedia resources and connections for your personal healing and professional development

You’re a wayshow’r—a mindful trailblazer who wants to heal and affect greater change…

Which means you likely don’t resonate with the standard approach to business. The #hustle rhetoric, cookie-cutter content, algorithm hacking, bowing down to the bottom line… It all feels… off.

Your values are deeper. And you’re longing to feel bolstered by like minded ‘preneurs. You’d love some experienced-backed guidance and integrity-based action steps.

My team and I get you. We’ve been doing business outside the norm for over a decade. Effectively. Resiliently. We speak cash flow and courage. We know manifestation and marketing. Team D comes from corporate, and government, and communications. Psychology. Metaphysics. And yoga and parenting.

We are wired to serve and we want to support you to do your work in the world. Brilliantly.

So what if you had like-minded, purpose-driven peers to lean on? A community to grow and celebrate with? MINDFUL ADVICE with a side of laughter and invocation?

Wouldn’t that be a much lovelier road to travel?

We thought so, too. That’s why we paved it.
And we’re taking a global community for the joyride.

A message from Danielle

Whether you’re a team leader, a teacher, or a solopreneur…
a seasoned pro or a creative who wants to take the next step…

Heart Intelligence is the game changer.

The Heart Centered Mastermind, will support you to… 

+ Release outmoded ways of working and create a business that supports your wellness

+ Tap higher guidance and build trust in your ideas and your voice

+ Design + scale a business that energizes you (and know when it’s time to redesign)

+ Market without sacrificing authenticity or pandering to algorithms

+ Engage people with your genuine presence

+ Facilitate compassionate + courageous conversations

+ Handle conflict + miscommunication with Loving kindness

+ Create a work environment where members feel inspired and valued

+ Prosper through purpose-driven service

Balance brings ease.
Being well is a power move.
And group determination makes for quantum leaps.

Heart Centered Mastermind serves you, so you can serve the world.


The Heart Centered Mastermind Features

mastermind classes

Monthly LIVE Mastermind meetings with Danielle, Team D leaders, and guest geniuses (training professionals, master-level coaches and entrepreneurs, marketing and finance wizards, psychologists, and teachers in the mind-body-spirit space. World-class leaders in their field who have practical pointers and deep know-how for you.)


Monthly LIVE Q+A Sessions with Business + Creative Director, Emma Tait, Heart Centered Leadership Program Manager, Dana Tartal, and our growing team of coaches and systems managers. Get loving accountability to take bold action, have hard conversations, and reach big milestones.


A private, vibrant, virtual community with our Community Manager, Renee Honrada, and our support team. Network and get guidance from Team D and our 400+ heart centered leaders. (These are SUCH friendly and bright humans––you will not feel alone!)


You’ll get a FREE Heart Centered Membership––that’s 2 classes a month with Danielle and ALL ACCESS to our wisdom library of practices ($3,500 value). This is a big deal


To fuel your process and let you know how the heart centered movement is thriving!


A 25% kickback on your referrals to the Heart Centered Mastermind and other Danielle + Company offerings.

The day of the Heart Centered leader is here.
Do you feel the call?


No matter how strong and successful we become, we’ll always need support. To be fuelled and inspired to serve steady on—connected with like minds.

That’s why the MASTERMIND exists—for change agents in all their glory and struggle—from corporate managers to solopreneurs.

Together, we’re going much deeper… We’ll be having conversations you won’t hear anywhere else, about radically different approaches to leading and living. We’re not swimming upstream. We’re charting the flow.

We’re committed to creating value and genuine connection. It brings us so much joy to serve you in this way—to help you be more resilient, intentional and well.

We have stories! And big skill! And incredible contacts! Come take what you need. Share what you have. And help light up the heart centered leadership movement.

We’re here to serve.

In Leadership,

Danielle, Emma, Dana…
+ Our growing team of coaches and strategists…
And 400+ Heart Centered Leaders in 30+ countries!

$75 USD

Monthly Subscription

Get Curious.

Book your complimentary exploration call with our Admissions Team + receive an exclusive offer.



The Heart Centered Mastermind is a leadership development program for individuals who want to bring heart centered work to their homes, clients, companies, and communities, and be strong, compassionate leaders. We bring in experts in leadership, connection, team development, psychology and wellness to teach and inspire. PLUS! All of Team D contributes their know-how to the Mastermind group. There is so much knowledge-sharing here.

For coaches, counselors, wayshow’rs, facilitators, teachers, managers, and idealists of all kinds. Whether you are a highly-trained coach looking for fresh, relevant tools to add to your belt, a new entrepreneur, or simply a leadership-minded individual looking for some training in leading heart centered conversations, this program is for you.

The Heart Centered Mastermind is a subscription-based investment in your heart centered leadership development. For a monthly investment of $75, you will get access to our 24+ LIVE calls a year, exclusive content, our private Kajabi Community, and more. If you have any questions, email us at leaders@daniellelaporte.com.

Your heart centered leadership journey begins! You’ll receive a confirmation email with immediate access to the Heart Centered Mastermind Portal in Kajabi where you’ll find the Heart Centered Mastermind Community access group (say Hello!) and Resource Library in your Dashboard. You’ll automatically receive notifications and links to our live calls, so you don’t miss a beat.

Log in to the private Heart Centered Mastermind Portal from your cell, iPad/tablet or computer—Chrome, Firefox, and Safari friendly. The program is hosted through Kajabi, so you can access it via your desktop or through the Kajabi app on your phone or tablet.

Yes, subscription payments process automatically based on your quarterly or annual payment schedule.

Of course! Just contact leaders@daniellelaporte.com at least 2 weeks prior to your renewal date, and we can update your payment schedule to quarterly or annually.

No worries! Just contact leaders@daniellelaporte.com with a request to cancel your subscription at least 2 weeks prior to your next payment date. Please provide the email address that you enrolled with. Once your cancellation is processed, you’ll have access to the Heart Centered Mastermind until the end of your current billing cycle.

There are no refunds for the Heart Centered Mastermind but you can cancel your subscription at least 2 weeks prior to your next payment date.

$75 USD

Monthly Subscription