Heart Centered Membership Business Track

$75.00 / month



The Heart Centered Membership Business Track is a support system for your body-mind-spirit… and your work in the world.

This is self help in the front, business in the back.

Soulful commerce in a moshpit of online marketing can feel lonely. The people who come into the Business Track of our Membership are looking for accountability and support. They get practical pointers for getting profitable––while being loving leaders and innovative creators.

What’s included in your membership:

  • Everything in the Life Track plus
  • 1 CREATIVE STRATEGY SESSION with Danielle and Team for making, marketing and leadership counsel.
  • 1 OPERATIONS STRATEGY SESSION with Team D Directors for Tech, Finance, and HR know-how.
  • Space for engaging with peers – community, find and receive mentorship, group source solutions.
  • Templates, wireframes, policies and procedures documents that we use to run our company.