15 Reasons People Don’t Speak Out During Challenging Times

Hello Loves, 

I know there’s a lot of disappointment in spiritual teachers and public figures who are silent during these times. I hear it daily in my DMs, “Thank you for speaking up, I’m so disappointed in other people in this space.”

I understand. I relate. And… it makes me wince. I’m grateful for the resonance but I’m not cheering on the criticism of others. 

We don’t need to find additional reasons to battle each other about raging world battles. That’s just division on top of division.  A house divided falls. This is exactly what corrupt puppeteers are trying to orchestrate. 

So today I’m offering a stained glass window of different ways to look at silence and activism, fear and bravery. Please take what you want and leave the rest. 

Let me be clear: I am not defending silence nor am I demanding for people to speak up. 

Eps 99 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE explores why people sometimes choose silence in fractious situations. And I have some heart centered strategies on how the more “vocal” folks can cope with disappointment when silence bites—especially from the people we’ve admired.

We have to make space for all of our ways of being through these insane, dark times. 

Please tune in. I think this could be helpful for all kinds of situations and polarizations. 

With you all the way, my friends.

With Love,




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