How These Spiritual Teachers Deal With Anxiety

Hello Friends on the path…

I’ve known about the struggles of some of my favorite philosophers…Krishnamurti suffered from terrible migraines. Ram Dass had a massive stroke. Yogananda had crippling pain from apparently taking on the karma of his devotees. 

Anyone in a physical body suffers. Facts.

But the accounts I found most helpful were those of teachers who struggled with anxiety and panic. Teachers of mind mastery who had to face these kinds of inner hurdles struck me deeply. Two of whom helped me relax into deep self compassion: Adyashanti and Mingyur Rinpoche, and I’ve found a way to loop their teaching back to one of Audrey Lourdes’ pillars:

“Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me.”

I’m sharing their enlightening humanness in today’s WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (Eps 104) as part of my 4 part series on Healing With Anxiety. 

It reminds me of the very simple Buddhist prayer, “May my suffering be of service.” Please tune in and… give yourself a break.

Your fellow aspiring human…

With Love,




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