Your MIND FOOD and what you manifest. They are very related.

Have you ever consciously asked yourself WHERE your feelings come from? 

Something to consider: you are not your feelings. You are a “higher” energy being that is accommodating the “lower” energies of feelings. You’re the sky. The emotions are the clouds.

Which is not to say emotions are low vibe. They are a GPS system for our lives.
But… feeling more is not the aim of spiritual growth. It’s about feeling more accurately—perceiving everything with more Love. 

Emotions come from the subconscious—the past. There isn’t a new feeling under your hood. 

This may seem like good news or a super confusing consideration. But stay with me. Because it’s really liberating once you get it.

I’ve been wanting to do this breakdown for a long time. Feelings > the subconscious > and the power of particular thought forms. This episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (#57) might have you think twice about what you choose to think about. 

I hope this liberates us from obsessive thoughts that don’t serve us, and opens our lives to LOVE.

Always With Love,


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  • NEW BOOK! How To Be Loving

    A guide on how to use the genius of your heart to create conditions for healing.

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